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Over the years I have seen many people trying e-cigarettes, and then going back to tobacco products (I was one of those in 2007 with the cigarette look-alikes).

Most people go back because they are not getting the satisfaction they want from the e-cigs, and that is mostly due to the liquids not meeting their expectations, and that’s where Vape Escape comes into play.


The idea is to get to a point where all customers have their preferred flavour and hit profile. If you like more vapour, we adjust the mixture to suit your need, if you want more throat hit, we modify it the other way around. The same applies to the nicotine content. Anything from 0mg to 18mg is available.


All of the above is also dependent on the type of device you are using, which changes, especially, the flavour profile.

Custom mixing takes time, so should you wish to try some of our e-liquids, please remember it will take a day or three to prepare and steep.


Following on from becoming a Vape junky, the store has expanded into some exciting hardware areas as well.

We will try to stay ahead of the curve, and continue to expand our range with new and exciting products.

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